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from TPPF,

What to Know: TPPF’s litigation director Robert Henneke will argue before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

“But in December, federal District Judge Reed O’Connor ruled that by repealing the tax on people who refuse to buy insurance, Congress in 2017 rendered the individual mandate unconstitutional and, by extension, the law itself,” USA Today reports. “The repeal was included in the $1.5 trillion tax cut pushed through the Republican-controlled Congress and signed by President Donald Trump. That ruling has not been implemented pending appeal, but the implications are huge.”

The TPPF Take: TPPF is lead counsel for the individual plaintiffs who have been harmed by the ACA.

“For millions of Americans like our clients Neill Hurley and John Nantz, the Affordable Care Act has led to skyrocketing costs, rationed care, and loss of choice of doctor,” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “We urge the Fifth Circuit to uphold the correct ruling by the federal district judge that Obamacare is unconstitutional and should be declared invalid in its entirety.”

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