See 200 Years Of Twists And Turns Of Census Citizenship Questions

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from The Gray Area:

The below articles from NPR offer very good perspectives on the citizenship question on the US census. It also provides a couple of clear media bias tricks.

First, you will read the negative tone against President Trump in the article.

Second, you see the statement, often repeated by the left, that “It’s been close to 70 years since a citizenship question has been included among the census questions for every U.S. household.” Looking at their own chart by decade, you can see the citizenship question has been asked in every decade except for 1960 and 2010. The most recent was a removal by the Obama administration. (Never hear about that change, do you?) The trick is the last 4 words, for every U.S. household. Because the question was there but was asked to different numbers of the population. The trick enables the media to send the message, that it has not been asked for the past 70 years.

That is not true! Welcome to 21st century media.

from NPR,

From the first time in 1820 to the most recent in 2000, when only a small sample of households were asked, questions about citizenship on the census have had a history of stops and starts, twists and turns over 200 years.

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