Culture Wars: Feminists vs. Gay Couples

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: … there is a new culture war between New York liberals and feminists. Liberals/progressives are “pushing a bill in the New York state legislature to legalize surrogate pregnancy.” They say that surrogates “can help gay couples overcome biological challenges.” (stammering) What — what — what — what — what “biological challenges” could there be here?

Well, the primary one is that men don’t have a uterus and womb. But that’s not gonna stop anybody. (impression) “Why should it? If a guy wants to have a baby, we’re gonna make it happen, even though he doesn’t have a womb and doesn’t have a uterus. Even though he might act like he does, he still doesn’t have one.” So here comes this bill in New York pushing surrogate pregnancy to help gay couples “overcome biological challenges.” The liberals thought that making this an LGBTQ rights issue would be a slam dunk.

“Who could possible oppose this?”

That’s where the feminists come in. The mother of all the feminists, Gloria Steinem, “denounced” this whole idea of legal surrogacy because paying women to have babies ain’t cool. It doesn’t move the agenda forward. We don’t pay women to have babies in the world of feminism. We pay women to get rid of babies, and we make a lot of money getting rid of babies at places like Planned Parenthood. This idea of paying women to get pregnant and then take the baby to term?

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