Supreme Court sides with Oregon bakery that refused to make cake for same-sex wedding

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from CNN,

The Supreme Court on Monday wiped away a ruling that went against a bakery in Oregon that refused to make a cake to celebrate the wedding for a same-sex couple.
The justices sent back the case pitting religious liberty concerns against LGBTQ rights to the lower courts for further consideration in light of last term’s ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple.
The move puts off a major case that could have been heard next term during the heart of the presidential election and allows the issue to further percolate in the lower courts.
The court took over three months, discussing the case behind closed doors, to render Monday’s summary decision. The timing suggests the justices were debating different ways of resolving the case, short of putting it on the calendar for next term.

It was an order of two sentences with no noted dissents.

What this Supreme Court move means for LGBTQ rights

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