Mexico Arrests Caravan Organizers

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: I pointed out yesterday that Mexican authorities stopped a caravan from Guatemala at their southern border, which they should be doing, and they detained some of its members … Apparently Mexico has arrested two of the top leaders of the caravans, including Irineo Mujica, who is the director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Mujica, who holds dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship, has been organizing these caravans since 2008. These are political caravans. These are not the starving, the homeless … These are people who are being rounded up and paying one way or the other.

But all of this is a political operation! There’s nothing else it could be! As organized and massive as it is. And for Mexico to have arrested two of the top leaders of the caravans just shows what has been possible all along, what they could have been doing if they were an ally in all of this. Mexico arrested these two because they’ve been charging immigrants — quote, unquote, immigrants — to get them to the United States. (paraphrasing) “Mexico’s charging the two caravan organizers for human trafficking and child smuggling, on top of that. Mexican tax officials froze the assets of 26 people and entities that they allege are tied to human smuggling organizations that fund and promote the caravans. The Mexicans say that the funding for the migrant caravans comes mostly from the United States.” Well, of course it does. And it comes from people with ties and sympathies to the Democrat Party. But the money also comes from Africa and Central America.

Now, they haven’t released the names of the 26 people they’ve arrested, but how much you want to bet a lot of familiar names are on it? Such as George Soros, which is what makes this even more incredible to believe. (paraphrasing) “Tax officials froze the assets of 26 people and entities tied to this human smuggling that fund and promote the caravans.” Africa, Central America.

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