Nadler’s John Dean Mock Impeachment Bombed!

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: The Jerry Nadler mock impeachment hearing bombed. We have the audio sound bites of that coming up. I mean stop and think about it. Going back 45 years, John Dean, who’s got nothing to do with anything happening today except attempting to stay relevant by sucking up to the media every day in any which way he knows how. That is what saved John Dean.

As I say, the helicopter story yesterday in Manhattan distracted the Drive-Bys from covering Jerry Nadler’s opening of the mock impeachment trial, the dry run, the rehearsal, starring John Dean. John Dean, of all the witnesses, John Dean was the star witness, somebody who wasn’t even a part of this!

Because it backfired, folks. Not only did John Dean not add any credibility to Nadler’s investigation, ’cause the Republicans eviscerated him. And, by the way, if you saw any of it yesterday, you now know why Mueller does not want to testify. Mueller’s not afraid of the Democrats, but he doesn’t want any part of Jim Jordan. Wait ’til you hear Jordan eviscerate John Dean.

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