Library Censors Climate Book

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from CFACT,

A library has refused to shelve Gregory Wrightstone’s best-selling book Inconvenient Facts — The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know, despite his being one of Northland Public Library’s own local authors!

Bias and censorship in schools, universities and the media have become massive problems. Apparently libraries are not immune.

Climate censors don’t fear misleading information from climate skeptics. They fear the straight facts that debunk Team Warming’s own campaign of exaggerations, deceptions and outright lies.

Gordon Tomb edited Wrightstone’s book. We posted his report at

Apparently in defense of climate orthodoxy, the Northland Public Library of suburban Pittsburgh has banned from its shelves a best-selling book by a nationally recognized local author.

In a May 29 letter to local author Gregory Wrightstone, library executive director Amy Steele said a committee of three librarians had “concluded your book does not meet our standards.”

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