Drive-Bys Make the Case for Chinese Communists

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: It’s amazing. The Drive-By Media now understands the concept of tax cuts and tax increases, but it took tariffs and a tariff war with the ChiComs for the Drive-Bys to understand it. I’m being ironic and a little sarcastic. They know it and understand it. It’s just that since the Republicans own mantra of tax cuts, since that is a Republican-owned belief… Democrats don’t believe in cutting taxes; Republicans do, and the Democrats know it. So whenever the concept of tax cuts comes up, the Democrats and the media have to destroy it, as they did the latest round of Trump tax cuts.

But since tariffs are not thought of as tax cuts or tax increases period (at least in the vernacular), then the Drive-Bys are free to tell the truth about them. It’s just a teachable moment. It’s a instructive moment to see how the Drive-Bys deal with things.

Because the bottom line is, anything and everything that can harm Republicans, they will do it.

That’s something that is specifically tied to Republicans; therefore, it’s gotta be destroyed. The whole concept of tax cuts has to be destroyed. “They don’t work! They’re a lie. Your taxes don’t really get cut. You don’t end up with any more money. The Republicans are doing what they always do,” they say, “they are lying to you.” But now, here come tariffs on China and the ChiComs have responded with tariffs on us.

Now, let’s go to the audio sound bites.

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