How will 2020 Democrats pay for their progressive agenda?

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from TPPF,

What to Know: Democratic presidential hopefuls are proposing some pricey new programs, from Medicare-for-All to free college. How will they pay for it?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to expand the estate tax,” said Fox & Friends’ Ed Henry on Friday. “Sen. Elizabeth Warren has talked about an annual wealth tax, and others say they’re going to repeal President Trump’s tax cuts.”

The TPPF Take: The math doesn’t work; soaking the rich can’t pay for everything the Democrats have promised—or even a fraction of it.

“So far we’re looking at nine discreet proposals, totaling $10 trillion,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore, appearing with Henry on Fox & Friends. “Taxing the rich works as a political device, but it doesn’t raise much money. Small business [which could also be taxed more] is the engine of job growth in America. …the reason why we’re seeing now record unemployment – 50 year lows for all Americans… is that President Trump not only cut taxes, he cut regulations. If we go backwards, that’s all going to slow

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