Mueller Report Includes Russian Tape of Clinton – Lewinsky?

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Well, looky here. (shuffling paper) Looky here, folks. I just learned something that was redacted in the Mueller report. You’re gonna love this. (shuffling paper)…Are you ready? “…President Bill Clinton having phone sex with … Monica Lewinsky — but the reference was redacted from the version released to the public. The redaction is likely to anger Republicans, because the allegation has been known since at least 2001 and the Mueller report’s reference to a claim that President Trump watched prostitutes urinating in a Moscow hotel room was not struck out.”

What was redacted was President Clinton having phone sex, recorded by the Russians while on the phone with Monica Lewinsky. “Clinton allegedly was recorded by Russia in the 1990s, allowing Russia to learn of the affair before American officials. A reference to the Clinton intercept was redacted from the Mueller report to protect ‘personal privacy,’ but sources told the Washington Examiner that the context makes clear what was blacked out. According to the report, Center for the National Interest President Dimitri Simes …”

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