This Is Liberalism! Yankees and Flyers Ban Kate Smith

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: It’s like this Kate Smith business. If you haven’t heard about this, and probably you have by now. But the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers have declined to play Kate Smith’s God Bless America anymore. Yankees did it in the seventh inning stretch. The Flyers did it, a tradition going back, she sang it live once they won the Stanley Cup.

They have a statue outside their arena, the Flyers do, they’ve covered the statute, gonna remove the statue because back in the thirties she recorded two songs, the lyrics of which were racist.

And so I’m watching people on TV talk about this. And they’re wailing against political correctness. They are going on and on and on, political correctness is dead, and when is it gonna stop?

And the same people that cave rub their hands together, “When’s it gonna stop?” When you stand up and stop it. When you refuse to abide by it. When you tell Twitter to go to hell is when it’s gonna stop.

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