Seattle Is What Happens When Liberals Run Things

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from Rush Limbaugh,

What Can You Do? Move out of cities run by liberals.

RUSH: Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have this great illustration of what happens when the radical left ends up unopposed running anything. The latest example of this is Seattle. There’s a story here actually in the Seattle City Journal. Headline: “A Brewing Rebellion in the Emerald City — Seattle residents are losing patience with the city’s out-of-control homelessness problem.”

This, my friends, I will tell you in advance, is what a city looks like when you elect socialist Democrats into positions of power and have no checks or balances. It will always, whether it’s a city, whether it is a county, whether it is a state, whether it is a nation, when socialist Democrats run it, it will always fail to thrive. And when the failure to thrive sets in and when it’s obvious, they then lie to you about why.

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