New Zealand Shooting Probe Widens as Leaders Unite for Tighter Gun Laws

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from The Wall Street Journal,

Alleged solo attacker Brenton Tarrant was a licensed gunowner, pointing to challenge for gun-control advocates

Accused Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant, who police have concluded was the sole perpetrator in attacks Friday that left 50 people dead, was a licensed gunowner who bought firearms and ammunition online—an indication of the challenges ahead for lawmakers seeking stricter gun-control in New Zealand.

As police broadened an investigation that seeks to determine how and why Mr. Tarrant, 28 years old, allegedly prepared and carried out the massacre at two Christchurch mosques, New Zealand set a one-week deadline to propose changes to gun laws.

Mr. Tarrant in November 2017 was granted a Category A gun license, which allows a person to use a seven-round magazine of ammunition and buy certain guns for sporting use.

The following month he began buying weapons from Gun City, a retailer with stores across New Zealand. He bought four Category A weapons from the online store, according to David Tipple, Gun City’s managing director.

“We detected nothing extraordinary about this license holder,” Mr. Tipple said. New Zealand Police must verify the buyer has a valid license before the guns are shipped, he said.

“All Gun City sales to this individual followed a police-verified online mail-order process,” he said.

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