The Drive-Bys Didn’t Fall for the Smollett Hoax — They Were Advancing an Agenda!

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: This Jussie Smollett business … You know what I find funny about this? You know what this is. This is this Empire actor who’s gay and black and hates Trump. And apparently his first hoax — and I can’t understand this either. Forgive me. I’ve gone to three different media sources on this, and I still can’t decipher.

Apparently, there was a letter sent to the studio where Empire is filmed or taped in Chicago, and it had letters cut out of magazines like the Zodiac Killer used to send stuff, like all these hoaxsters do, and it had white powder in it. And so they had to call the hazmat guys. It turned out the white powder was aspirin, ground-up aspirin. And it referenced the fact that Smollett is gay and black, using slang terms. And he apparently got mad that the studio didn’t react to that in a way that would create publicity for him and the show.

Now, what I can’t determine — and I apologize up front — I don’t know if he sent that letter himself and that failed or if the letter is genuine and it failed. I can’t tell. Three different sources I’ve read, and I cannot determine the origin of that letter. Two of the things I’ve read make it look like he and his buddies might have sent that letter because the cops in Chicago absconded with magazines from these two guys from Nigeria, these two black guys who, by the way, have opened up and told everybody what went on here.

And I want to remind everybody, the Drive-By Media — and I don’t care how they’re trying to weasel out of this now. They jumped on this like the proverbial white on rice. They didn’t wait a moment like they didn’t wait a moment on the Covington kids; like they didn’t wait a moment that it might not have been a Tea Party guy that shot up a movie theater in Denver, like they never wait.

They jumped on this. The same media that believed everything Jussie Smollett was saying lock, stock, and barrel are the same media who constantly begin their reports, “President Trump,” comma, “without evidence,” comma, “just said.” But you never see “Nathan Phillips, the frail native Indian activist, without evidence, claim” — no. It’s a total one-way street. And I have seen — if I’ve seen one of these, I’ve seen 10 — why, why does the media keep falling for hate crime hoaxes?

Never Trumper conservative intellectuals are wringing their hands trying to figure out why does the media keep falling for hate crime hoaxes. Is it really that hard to understand? I’ll give you two options. One is they’re falling for it because they’re dumb and stupid, ill-educated combined with a condescending arrogance that they’re better and smarter than everybody. And you put that together with the fact that they are 100 percent radical leftists, and that’s how you get them believing this stuff.

I don’t think they’re falling for anything. I think they are attempting to make these things real. Even if they doubt or think that Smollett in this case is making it up, they’re still gonna try to make this story end up being real as far as the perception of the American people.

They’re not falling for anything. They already believe this stuff.

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