The Budget Deal Explained

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: We just had the press conference in the Rose Garden after the president signed the budget deal and then declared a national emergency. I want to tell you what’s really going on, and I want to combine a couple things here.

The purpose of this budget deal — and I want you to consider this when you go back and forth deciding whether you think it was a good thing or a bad thing for him to sign it. I’m not talking about the national emergency, but actually signing the deal as opposed to not signing it, which would have led to another shutdown. I believe — and I think I’m a thousand percent correct about this — the purpose of this budget deal… what members of Congress (both parties) actually want with this bill is to send a message that nothing is ever gonna happen as long as Donald Trump is president. The attempt in this budget deal is to send a message to you Trump voters that it’s worthless voting for him, that it is a waste of time supporting him, because they are demonstrating that he can’t get anything done.

let me give you some of the contents as we went through yesterday. There is a limit on a number of detainees. There is limit on how much of border and fence can be built. There’s a limit on what kind can be built. There’s a limit on modernization. This bill is filled with congressional edicts telling the president of the United States what he cannot do. Now, it authorizes $23 billion for Homeland Security, but it specifies $1.375 billion for fencing and bordering. They are not gonna let him get anything done. They’re gonna put obstacles in the way and they’re gonna make sure, as best they can, he can’t get anything done.

This is what this bill is all about. Yeah, this… I mean, the actual contents of the bill

Try this headline: “Border Security Bill Provides Aid, Buses, Legal Shields to” illegal Immigrants. This budget deal spells out all of the protections Congress is extending to illegals.

It explains and spells out all of the things the administration cannot do, that Homeland Security cannot do, that ICE cannot do in apprehending illegals. “The spending includes [money] to:

  • aid and feeds [illegal immigrants]
  • “Border officials are also directed to bus [illegal immigrants] from reception centers directly to the welcome centers run by pro-migration aid groups…”
  • ‘facilitate these additional requirements, …“provide $192,700,000 above the request to include $128,000,000 for contract medical professionals, $40,200,000 for increased consumable commodities such as food, infant formula and diapers.’ …
  • “The bill adds $220 million to build new border reception centers for illegal migrants and asylum migrants,” meaning we’re gonna be building new recreation centers and say, “Hey, come on in!” Reception centers for illegal immigrants!
  • The legislation reopens the joint cartel-to-agency smuggling route for so-called ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children.‘” Now, this is one of Obama’s deals. He “opened this route when his deputies agreed to let illegal migrant parents in the United States ‘sponsor’ — pick up — their foreign children from government shelters after the cartels deliver the children to the border agency.” So drug cartels can deliver unaccompanied kids to the border, and we are making it possible for unaccompanied alien children to be picked up by their parents later when they arrive, and we are establishing an actual route for this, reopening the joint cartel-to-agency smuggling route that was in existence during the Obama administration! They just reopened the route in this bill. If you read further into the paragraph, the end result of this is de facto sanctuary for anyone near an unaccompanied alien child.
  •  “The language also offers a legal shield to illegals who agree to pay cartel-affiliated smugglers to move additional children into the United States.” It is outrageous what’s being done here. We’re actually encouraging cartels to grab kids, bring ’em in, and hold them until their parents get here to pick them up — which is a characteristic of immigration that was active during the Obama years.
  • “[T]he budget adds $30 million to ensure that 100,000 [illegal immigrants] in the federal welcome centers can get an ‘Alternative to Detention’ option, such as monitoring devices attached to [their] ankles,” not for deportation, but for care.
  • “The bill directs border agencies to spend $1 million on ‘rescue beacons’ so that migrants who try to sneak through the deserts and scrubland along the border can call for help when they are exhausted.” Rescue beacons.

You have to remember that for the most part, when it comes to open borders and to amnesty, we don’t have two political parties. We have one. Both the Republicans and Democrats have the same objectives. They have different reasons, but they have the same objectives. Open borders. Eventual amnesty. But this budget deal delights in piling on all of the welcoming and the comforting and the financial assistance that we are extending. The only thing this bill doesn’t contain is engraved invitations to illegals in the caravans down in Mexico.

But it may as well contain engraved invitations based on what they’re going find when they get here: Reception centers, medical professionals, increased amounts of food, infant formula and diapers. In other words, we are incentivizing the continued migration and arrival of illegal immigrants.

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