Job growth in January was phenomenal. Wage growth was pathetic.

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from VOX,

The US economy added 304,000 jobs in January, but workers only got a 3-cent average hourly raise.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked up again, moving from 3.9 percent to 4 percent, in part because of the partial government shutdown, the report states. About 175,000 unemployed workers said they were temporarily laid off. The unemployment rate has been creeping up since November, when it was 3.7 percent.

The continued hiring boom also suggests that fears of a looming economic recession are largely overblown.

The data also suggests employers may have a hard time filling positions in the future as the labor pool continues to shrink — which could require businesses to raise wages to keep and attract workers.

However, the latest jobs report once again shows little wage growth, which remains the biggest weakness in the American economy. The average US worker hasn’t seen their paycheck get much bigger since the Great Recession, which ended around 2009.

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