Karen Pence, LGBTQ discrimination and the Christian right’s embrace of victimhood

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from MSNBC,

Willfully ignorant about the harmful cultural messaging of her actions, Pence is the perfect symbol of “good,” Christian, white America.

Mother is heading back to school — haven’t you heard?

And it’s the latest in the fight for America’s soul.

Karen Pence, currently the second lady of the United States, is returning to Immanuel Christian School, a private K-8 elementary school that is a part of the Immanuel Bible Church, to teach art part-time to students.

Civil rights and LGBTQ activists, including most recently Lady Gaga, criticized the SLOTUS’s new position because the school explicitly “refuse[s] admission” to students who do not live according to the “biblical lifestyle” — which means no rough-and-tumble homosexual or bisexual activity. Likewise, the school discriminates against job applicants who do not “live a life of moral purity;” disqualifying conduct includes everything from “lesbian sexual activity” to transgender identity” to “heterosexual activity outside of marriage.”

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