Why Gillette’s ad slamming toxic masculinity is drawing cheers —

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from CNN,

It’s sad but predictable that imploring men to be better — not just for women, but for other men and boys — is met with such hostility from people who apparently accept the lie that cruel and predatory behavior is part of men’s natural makeup. There’s a stereotype that feminists hate men, but the opposite seems to be true: Anti-feminists who claim to be defending men are the ones who actually seem to have a fairly low opinion of them.
The Gillette ad, and the backlash to it, illustrate the peculiarity of this time in American history. First, Gillette isn’t trying to promote a more gender-equal society as much as it is trying to sell something. This ad wasn’t made out of the goodness of the company’s heart; it was made because the company of course knew it would merit significant media coverage and boost sales.

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