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from The Gray Area:

On the dangers of pathologizing manhood

The APA (American Psychological Association) issued its first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys. They say that like APA’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Girls and Women, which were issued in 2007, the guidelines for men and boys aim to help practitioners assist their patients despite social forces that can harm mental health.


When you read this you read the far left psycho babble of gender based terms, re-writing of history, ‘male’ preference and targeting of men for all the worlds evils. It makes you afraid to send your husband or son to counseling. What kind of brainwashing are they gong to get. Particularly if they have a counselor who is a woman that has been indoctrinated by this fluff.

This is not science and it is not biology. As a matter of fact, it ignores biology to push what appears to be a political agenda, of course. Science should be void of political considerations, but it is not. That’s how far we are gone as a culture. The infiltration of politically correct speech an thought control has not reached even the APA.

Evil deeds are done by all groups of people. Cut them any way you want to find a profile you like. But, if you profile a protected group, black or women or now hispanic, you are racist or homophobic. That only leaves men, particularly white men, for evil labels. Nazi’s did that with the Jews.

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