Top 10 Cable News Shows of 2018

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from The Gray Area:

Below is a list of the top 10 Cable News Shows of 2018.

There are several things to notice about this list:

  1. It is dominated by FOX ( 7 of the top 10)
  2. MSNBC shows make up the rest. (Maddow at #2)
  3. Nothing from CNN.
  4. Only one real news show is listed, Special Report with Bret Baier at #6.
  5. The others are opinion shows. Which gets to one of our problems with media today. Opinion passes for journalism.
The following is opinion!
Special Report is the best, most balanced and unbiased news show on cable or broadcast news today. But, since it is on FOX, few people will believe or want to evaluate this claim. They try to leave out opinion, unless they ask a panelist for one. They report both sides, leaving out emotion or derogatory language when doing so. The attempt to provide perspective on issues and approach the truth, which most on the left does not think exists, unafraid.
For these and other reasons, the above is an interesting list to ponder.

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