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by Kaywin Feldman,

from Apollo,

I keep thinking about the psychological toll that this volatile time must be taking on our collective psyche. Every day we are battered with, among other things, unpresidential tweets from the American president; threats to global democracy; cyber criminals stealing data and elections; an unconscionable and endless war in Syria; gun violence in America; the plight of desperate refugees; the chaos surrounding Brexit; and the fact that many Puerto Ricans still don’t have electricity. It is tough enough to navigate all this anxiety as a private citizen, but perhaps even harder as the leader of an arts organisation.

In my 25-year career as a museum director, I have not seen a more challenging time to be an arts leader; the national and global political climates have created a situation in which our essential principles are under attack. It is not appropriate for a public museum to take positions in partisan politics. We must, however, stand up for what we believe in and defend our values. During this time of contention, I am anxious to protect beliefs that are core to Mia and that frequently seem threatened today, including:

• Gender equality
• Diversity, inclusion, equity, and access
• Social justice
• Global understanding
• Scientific research
• Liberal education for all
• Open democracy and freedom of speech
• Essentialness of the arts

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