Energy independence for Poland!

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from CFACT,

There’s a saying they use in Eastern Europe, “Unless you were occupied by the Russians, you don’t know anything.”

Energy independence is essential to Polish independence.

Take away their coal, and Poland becomes dependent on Russian natural gas. The Poles fear that it won’t take long after giving Russia that much power, for the bad old days to come back.

Poland’s coal miners are heroes. The miners told us that Poland gets 80% of its energy from its ample supply of coal. They told us that wind and solar are not viable in Poland’s inland, northern clime.

UN climate politics is pressuring Poland to give up its coal power, just as China, India and others are doubling down and using more coal than Poland could ever dream of. The European Union is leaning on them to give in. For Poland, being pushed around by the nations that surround it is an all too familiar story.

Holding the UN climate conference in the heart of Poland’s coal mining region is like the capitol in The Hunger Games holding a conference in the heart of “District 12.”

Poland’s coal miners are beside themselves. They mine the highest quality, cleanest burning coal in Europe. They’re proud to heat their neighbor’s homes and keep their lights on. In the province of Silesia, where COP 24 is being held, if you’re not a miner, your brother, cousin or close friend is. The long-suffering, yet resilient people of Poland are not about to hand over their freedom, independence and prosperity to central planners from other countries.

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