We’re Watching What America Used to Be — Not What Our Politics Used to Be

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from Rush Limbaugh,

Rush: We’re getting to a point where I think it isn’t gonna be long before the media is going to be the primary invited guests at funerals because of the coverage. And the media is gonna be there in the front row and the media is right behind the family. I think we’re trending in that direction.

… an observation many people have made that this death and the itinerant media coverage of it is serving primarily as a vehicle for the media to wallop Donald Trump. And in doing so, they are attempting to portray the past as perfect, the recent past, the distant past as perfect and then along came Trump to destroy it all.

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… ’cause the media’s focusing on all of this civility that the Bush presidency, the Bush family exhibited. They never gave him credit for any of that when they were serving in office. George W. Bush was never credited for his civility and decency, and neither was George H. W. Bush.

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What we are hearing is that we have lost an era of civility in our politics, and the Bush funeral and the accompanying ceremonies illustrate this loss, that our politics used to be far better, that our politics used to be far more friendly, that our politics used to be far more bipartisan back in the era of George H. W. Bush.

But what we saw yesterday — and I don’t think this is too fine a point. I don’t think it’s a microscopic differentiation. I think it’s big. What we saw yesterday was a family’s values. The Bush family values is what we saw yesterday and what we have seen all week and what we are seeing today. We’re not really watching what used to be a better political period in our past, because that better political period doesn’t really exist. It’s a media creation to bash the present.

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