Trump and Clinton both ignored the #MeToo message this week

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from CNN,

Since the explosion of #MeToo in October 2017, many of us have become jaded to the stock responses we can often expect from certain figures to stories of sexual harassment and abuse. At a rally in Pennsylvania last week, for example, President Trump once again mocked the movement, claiming he “wasn’t allowed” to use certain expressions anymore, and laughing when a member of the crowd urged him to “do it anyway.” It is galling in another way, however, to hear #MeToo undermined from an unexpected quarter — as it was a few days ago by Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The former first lady, senator and secretary of state was asked during a CBS interview that aired on Sunday whether she felt that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, abused his power by having an affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in office. Her response? Lewinsky “was an adult” when it happened. When asked whether her husband should have stepped down after the scandal and his resulting impeachment, she replied: “Absolutely not.” Clinton followed her answer with a question: “But let me ask you this. Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made, and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules?”

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