Kavanaugh Weekend: Deranged Democrats on Full Display for America to See

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from Rush Limbaugh,

This tweet of Nate Silver’s is totally absent… It ignores the infantile screaming. Did any of you watch the vote on Saturday? Did you hear the infantile, baby-like shouting and screaming from those women up in the gallery? J. Christian Adams has written about it and has expressed it almost exactly as I would say it. I mean, this was just guttural immaturity, scary psychological disorder. I mean, it was embarrassing; it was frightening in the sense that that’s who the base of the Democrat Party is. And I really wonder…

There’s a part of me that wonders — and it’s a very small part. I wonder if the Democrats at large ignore that and do not think that that behavior is tied to them. They don’t do anything to stop it. And, in fact, they encourage it! Maxine Waters is out there encouraging it. Mazie Hirono is out there. Did you hear what Mazie Hirono said? Mazie Hirono says people are totally justified in harassing Republicans in public in restaurants and even in their homes and forcing them out because they’re white racists.

They’re white supremacists. They’re totally, totally justified. So there’s a part of me that knows the Democrats are promoting this. There’s another part who thinks some Democrats do not think that this deranged psychological upset is tied to them. Let me put it this way. If we had people on our side behaving like this, it would worry me to death. It would worry me to death that voters are gonna think that conservatism is made up of deranged lunatics like this! The Democrats don’t seem to be concerned about that at all.

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