The Kavanaugh Beer Wars

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Ben Stein’s Diary, But Seriously:

from The American Spectator,

I think of this (WWII), and then I think of the tragedies going on in the world right now: horrifying civil wars in Yemen and in Equatorial Africa, a fierce bloodletting in Syria. Terrible diseases ravaging Africa. Staggering violence in our Latin American neighbor nations. Cruel genocide against the Rohynga people of Burma. An everlasting threat about existence itself directed against my fellow Jews in Israel by Russia itself.

Then I think of what the most August legislative body on earth, the U.S. Senate, is obsessed with: a teenage drunk’s high school yearbook’s inside jokes. These are what we are supposed to be examining until our eyes burn up in their sockets. Not the threat of nuclear war begun by Chinese hypersonic low altitude cruise missiles. Not the clear signs that Iran has put itself on the lip of becoming a nuclear power. No, we’re supposed to be guessing what a group of beer-swilling high school boys made up fake bragging about.

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