EPA reforming Obama’s mercury mistake

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from CFACT,

Recently the Trump administration announced its intention to rollback yet another onerous Obama-era rule designed to kill the use of coal.

Known as MATS (the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard), this ill-founded regulation, although tied up in the courts for years, pushed energy providers to either outfit coal plants with outrageously expensive technologies or shutter them altogether. In short, it carried out Obama’s wish to stifle the use of coal for electricity.

What’s particularly irksome about MATS is the methodology employed by EPA to justify its need – and it is that which the Trump administration is specifically targeting for reform. As explained by Jason Hopkins at cfact.org:

“The Obama administration originally found that forcing coal-fired plants to use the mercury control technology would cost an estimated $9.6 billion a year — the most expensive clean air regulation. This cost was far higher than the expected annual health savings of $6 million. …”

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