A Clear Example of Why Congress Is So Useless and Needs New Faces

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from The Gray Area:

The highlight film below of the Peter Strzok Congressional hearing is a perfect example of how ineffectual Congress is. But not ineffectual due to poor decisions, or poor process, or poor execution. They are ineffectual because they prefer to be ineffectual. Doing nothing is preferred to doing something. Winning political points using tactics designed to make their efforts ineffectual, is the primary objective o the members of Congress.

In the chaos that was the Strzok investigation, you see one party trying to ask questions regarding obvious bias, following an IG report that left the FBI with at a minimum a black eye, if not unconscious. Yet, the other party’s representatives, instead of helping to focus the inquiry on understanding answers to these questions, would rather pull parliamentary tricks to delay, distract and dismantle any attempt to answer questions.

And the other party, supposedly in leadership, can do nothing to control the chaos and focus the hearing.

It is a clear example of why we need new representatives in these sets in Congress. People who want to do the work of the people, not the work of the political party.

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