Unredacted House Intel Report Reveals the Railroading of Michael Flynn

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee released a new report that featured a whole bunch of redactions being viewable. There’s been an argument — there’s been a fight — between the House Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice and the FBI for information and data relating to all of their investigations and Flynn and the whole kitchen caboodle. And the FBI, the DOJ have submitted — they’ve responded to some requests — with a lot of heavily redacted documents.

But Devin Nunes persisted, pressure was applied, and on Friday we had a disclosure of previously redacted sections of the intelligence community’s Russia report. And, folks, it was a bombshell …

Do you know what the redactions were? The redactions were the FBI and the DOJ covering up what they had done to protect themselves, primarily in the pursuit of Michael Flynn! They had redacted pretty much all of the information, data, memos and so forth that really gave up the ghost in terms of what they were doing. It had nothing to do with national security. It had nothing to do with legitimate reasons for keeping information private. It was strictly to protect themselves. To protect their bad judgment.

To protect the scam that they were engaged in in this entire Russia investigation.

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