Explaining Comey’s Behavior

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from Rush Limbaugh,

CALLER: Okay. I believe they believed it was going to be a big win. Okay? And they had a real problem with President Hillary. They were called emails. So because it was a win big, they had to deal with the emails before the people voted. And they knew it would pull off a few votes, but not enough votes, okay? And so Comey opened up that email investigation in the final days, and he did it in the classic Clinton fixer mode. There was a guy who came out in the spring of 2016 and said he was a Clinton fixer. He explains that it’s all out there somewhere. What the Clinton always done is they used him and other people like him, there was a problem on the horizon. The Clintons see their own problems before anyone else does.

RUSH: Okay. I’ve got you. I got it. Okay. So let me see if I have it so I can grade your test. You’re saying that the October announcement, he’s reopening the Hillary investigation, and then two or three days later he said, “Guess what, there’s nothing here! We looked at the Huma Abedin server, we looked at Carlos, nothing here, Hillary is clear and free.” Because at the time everybody thought Hillary was gonna win. So you’re saying that while it looked like it was harmful to Hillary, it wasn’t gonna derail her, and it was gonna totally wipe the email slate clean so that she could win clear and free. Is that what your point is?

RUSH: Now, the Comey book. You know, folks, the Drive-Bys are breathless about this, ’cause there’s only one reason for this book. There’s only one. This book is… Just consider it from the same arsenal as the Mueller investigation.

The purpose of this book is to get Donald Trump. There’s another purpose of this book, and that is to portray James Comey as an egotistical savior of not only the country, but of the presidency and so forth. This is the most self-absorbed, narcissistic exercise from someone we’re told is not any of that. Just like we’re told Mueller is the epitome of integrity. I don’t know whether you know this or not, but Comey had the same kind of reputation for years, going back to when John Ashcroft was the attorney general and Comey was his deputy.

RUSH: Here’s Trey Gowdy, … Gowdy is looking at things in Comey’s book outside the Steele dossier stuff. This is interesting. This was on Fox & Friends this morning with Steve Doocy. And Doocy said, “Look, whatever Trump told Comey, it doesn’t rise to the level of obstruction of justice. He didn’t do anything wrong. Ultimately, doesn’t this help the president’s case?”
GOWDY: These Comey memos are Defense Exhibit A in obstruction of justice. I read ’em. Very few members of Congress have, and no one outside of Congress has read the Comey memos. I think this ought to be released. I think they ought to be released publicly, but they certainly ought to be released to Congress. They would be Defense Exhibit A in an obstruction of justice prosecution.

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