The Fight for Free Speech and Honest Debate on College Campuses Escalates

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from The Gray Area:

Legislation protecting free speech on college campuses has now been introduced in 24 states, eight of which have signed the measures into law.

Nonetheless, suppression of free speech, censorship and violence against anyone with an alternative viewpoint continues on college campuses around the country.

Here are a few examples:

Student under investigation for posting conservative flyers
Socialist students demand disarming of campus police
Students earn credit for attending White Privilege Conference
Providence College student threatened with rape for supporting traditional marriage
Washington University in St Louis students threatened over failure to attend sexual assault play
Scholar traces current ‘campus intolerance’ to 60’s radicals
Kellogg Community College pays $55k to settle lawsuit with arrested students
The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans has sued known Antifa activist Yvette Felarca after a “frivolous” restraining she had filed against him was dropped.
Several University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors bullied the president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter Friday afternoon while she was tabling on campus grounds.
A pro-life display at Northern Kentucky University was vandalized Sunday less than two hours after its construction.
POLL: 3-in-5 students say campus climate ‘deters speech’
POLL: Perception of liberal bias hurting support for higher ed

This is only a few of the daily attacks against college students who dare to have a different opinion than the approved speech of the Marxist elite. This is now a fight against radical Marxists on campuses across the country for the soul of our country – freedom!

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