Much Ado About Nothing

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from The Gray Area:

Pravda, our mainstream media, is at it again. Pravda, as those of you over 30 will remember, was the Communist Party’s new agency for the old Soviet Union (USSR). I have used this term to describe our corrupt mainstream media for a decade or more. Now there is a new book out called American Pravda, My Fight For Truth in the Era of Fake News. American Pravda is a much better description, so I will use this term with appropriate links and reference.

The past two days, American Pravda has been all over this supposed news from a whistleblower about Cambridge Analytica improperly seizing 50 million users private information from Facebook which was supposedly provided to the Trump campaign for targeted campaign advertising. Nothing was stolen or otherwise improperly obtained. Nothing nefarious was done by Cambridge Analystica or the Trump campaign in using Facebook data, which they freely provide to everyone, for targeted advertising. Everybody does it!

Have you ever searched on line for details about a trip you would like to take. Then, all of a sudden. the next day you find targeted ads all over your computer about everything you looked up? Same thing. It is SOP in the 21st century.

As a matter of fact, Obama was dubbed a genius for doing the same things during his campaigns. Maxine Waters even briefly announced Obama’s database of ‘everything on everybody’ in 2013. But, will you hear any of that from American Pravda? No. Because there objective is to Get Trump and this is just the latest attempt.

To accomplish this objective, American Pravda will:

A. do whatever necessary to accomplish the goals to Get Trump.
B. suspend any resemblance of journalistic curiosity to provide clarity and perspective to their readers/viewers.
C. spin the negative in the story and then hype, hype and overhype that negative assertion, whether true or not, for as many days as possible.
D. continue this until the truth becomes clear to everyone, then suddenly drop the story for another made up one with the same routine.
E. Spin & Repeat.

The net here once again is to ignore this hyped up fake news story. It is more garbage being thrown against the wall by American Pravda to support the ‘Party’ (Democrat Party) in the hopes that something harmful on Donald Trump will stick.

It won’t be Cambridge Analytica.

More From Rush Limbaugh, who explains this in painful detail: