Trump’s true priorities revealed in holiday news dumps

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from The Washington Post,

Connecting the dots, here are 10 important stories you might have missed while on vacation:

1. Overturning key regulations on fracking:

2. Weakening the rules that were designed to prevent another Deepwater Horizon spill:

3. Declaring open season on migratory birds:

4. Reinstating mining leases for Ivanka Trump’s landlord:

5. Letting nursing homes off the hook when patients suffer in their care:

6. Civil servants may not get a bonus because the rich got a tax cut:

7. Undercutting enforcement by waging a war of attrition against the bureaucracy:

8. Reneging on a federal commitment to fund a major infrastructure project:

9. Firing all the members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS:

10. Maneuvering behind the scenes to “sabotage” the Census:

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