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The GRAY Area is an aggregator of political news that uniquely identifies the left and right political position of every major (and some not so major) news organization while simultaneously offering news and commentary in the political center (The GRAY Area), as determined by TGA.

Without the left/right knowledge of a news source, an accurate political viewpoint on the issues is virtually impossible. We believe political data formatted and presented in this manner is unavailable anywhere else.

Look to the ABOUT US section for further mission and background on the site.

TGA is an open site in that anyone can submit information for the site. TGA determines, how a post is presented, where it is presented and if it is presented. Go to CONTACT US to participate.

We look forward to your comments on any individual article or section. SIGN IN and log your comments.

We hope you find the site useful.

How to use The GRAY Area site:

– Logistically on the site you will find the left‘s position under the left column, the right’s position under the right column and The GRAY Area in the center. On the bottom of every page you will find a link for every major news organization listed on the left or right depending on their political leaning. On the HOME page you will see the biggest issues of the day in the two grey bars near the top, 5 highlighted stories, latest posts and latest opinions by The GRAY Area, plus Twitter and Facebook feeds near the bottom.

– Next you can select an issue important to you and just hover over that issue tab and you will see sub categories filed under that issue as well. Click on the issue or sub category for which you are searching for news and insight and read the L-R-TGA debate of that issue. You can move to other issues just as easily. You might find the “Political Spectrum” category under “2012 Election” to be a good place to start if you are unsure as to the L–R political definitions and positioning. In addition, a 365 days link will enable the reader to follow all the relevant news reported on that issue chronologically for the past 365 days. Using this feature, you can read for yourself s much as you want on all the news chronologically on any issue with media source bias identified and you can make up your own mind.