This May Have Been Trump’s Finest Hour, So Far

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from The Gray Area:

Standing up to the unprecedented assault on him and his administration, President Trump reveals a determination not seen since Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan and the founding fathers.

Speaking the truth takes the integrity and intestinal fortitude that no politician today has.  Fighting for the truth in the face of the politically correct actors in the Democrat party, Republican party, Late Night TV and the media who dominate our 21st century culture, Donald Trump stood up and told the truth.

Listen closely to his remarks.

  • He denounced and condemned the hatred of the radical right KKK, Nazis and white supremacists.
  • He totally condemned the criminal who drove the car into the crowd.
  • He supported the good people who were there supporting historic statues under threat of removal.
  • He supported good people who were there protesting the appearance of the KKK, Nazi’s and other white supremacists.
  • He was caring and grieve stricken at the loss of the young woman, Heather Heyer, and her family.
  • He then said what needed to be said, but is constantly suppressed by the media – there were bad actors, violent actors in both protest groups.
  • He observed that one group had a legal permit to be there and the other did not.
  • Under pressure to call the Nazis terrorists, he said call those who broke the law criminals, terrorists, whatever you want, they are not to be allowed to do that in our streets.
  • He did not give better treatment to one group vs the other or give harsher treatment to one group vs the other; despite the media demanding he treat one side worse.
  • Based on facts and recent and long term history, he clearly stated that we need to reject ALL hatred and violence – that goes for the hatred and violence excused as being necessary under the false umbrella of fighting evil.
  • He destroyed that false narrative and told the truth!

“Honesty, is such a lonely word”, as Billy Joel said.

Watch how the media handled themselves in this press conference. The media’s display of disrespect and mob-like frenzy in interruptions and questioning (better described as statements and accusations than questions) is an embarrassment to the profession, but most of all an embarrassment to the entire USA. Chuck Todd said he was ‘shaken’ by this press conference, as were others in the mainstream media.  Of course you were.  This press conference laid out a truth that shook the foundation of the media belief system.  He (and they) should be shaken.

If we have Nazi’s and Marxist revolutionaries confronting each other in our streets, who are the worse ones?

That is what we have on college campuses, at hundreds of anti-Trump rallies this year and in Charlottesville. Masked, anti-American vandals, felons and/or terrorists roaming the streets under cover of the media. When they incite riot and.or violence against other people, no one calls them out.

It needed to be said.  Would it have been better if he said it with the charisma of Reagan, Clinton or Obama, of course.  But, that is not Trump.He just says things as he sees them.  Refreshingly honest, for those who can handle reality and honesty.

Congratulations Mr. President for saying it.

Watch President Donald Trump’s 16 minute segment from his Press Conference 8/15/17, beginning after Infrastructure announcement at 6:20 mark.

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