Obvious & Ridiculous

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from The Gray Area:

This is the cover of TIME Magazine this week.

No title. No subtitle. No nothing. Just a picture of Russia taking over the White House.

Leftist message sent – and received. TIME’s leftist audience will obviously be elated.

But, what’s worst, is that more moderate American readers of TIME, who expect the magazine to be good to its historical standard and inform the public accurately, will be negatively influenced by this biased and erroneous messaging. Welcome to 21st century journalism.


While this kind of graphic is nothing more or less despicable that those which grace the internet from both sides of the political aisle every day, it does represent a major news weekly falling to the level of the lowest common competitor in journalism.

And, it shouts the political bias that the magazine does not like to admit it has. A judgment of conviction of the Trump ‘machine’ by this renowned news magazine!

The accompanying story supports the judgment, while discussing “Trump’s Loyalty Test”, photos and videos of Trump with Russian diplomats and cyberattacks using this image.


Oh, you say that I’m over reacting. Well, flip through a few more pages of this issue and what do you find? Concern that Trump will select the next Census Bureau chief. Jobs that weren’t saved by Trump in Indiana. A “View” column by Washington AG,Bob Ferguson, about stopping Trump’s Travel ban. Just to mention three. An obvious anti-Trump issue. Not that the previous issues haven’t been anti-Trump.

But, back to the title issue.

Certainly we don’t want Russia hacking anything important in the US. But, the story is not the cyberattack. If the story was the attack and it’s impact on our country, it should be pointing fingers at Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party for allowing the Russians in, not Trump for winning the election!

The story should be the failure of Democrats to protect themselves. And, therefore, our lack of desire to trust them with larger security responsibility. liars usually get exposed.

The story should be that Russia exposed the ugly underbelly of the leftist dishonesty that our national media refuses to expose or is complicit in.

The story should be where is the evidence to put the Trump campaign on trial in the first place?

The story should be the Democrats refusing to acknowledge to the American people the reasons they lost this election.

The story should be why are the Democrats charging election illegitimacy, Russian collusion and resistance instead of asking the American people to believe they heard us and promising to improve.

But, no.

The media story is to hide behind computer hacking and a made up scenario of an American politician colluding with the Russians to steal a national election. Which, given a Republican Presidential candidate is the one being charged, passes no test of reason or common sense.

Is that all you got TIME?

Obvious and Ridiculous!

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