The Lunatic Fringe

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from The Gray Area:

Stephen Colbert replaced David Letterman in 2015. His ratings immediately started to slide and there was talk his future was in jeopardy. Then came the 2016 presidential election followed by the election of Donald Trump and Colbert found his audience and his message.

He has pretty much dedicated his show to “The Resistance” of Donald Trump. On Monday, his entire 12 minute monologue was an anti-Trump speech. The monologue ended in a maniacal rant, with classless and tasteless attempts at humor of which anyone associated should be ashamed. Including his bosses at CBS.

The obvious reaction to this display is what would the reaction be if a late night comedian had done such a thing targeting Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Or, any Democrat politician? Media and celebrity outrage would be such that the comedian’s career would be over.

Let’s look at 3 such events against conservative media giant Rush Limbaugh.

1. Rush Limbaugh was fired at ESPN because of outrage over a statement of media bias for a black football star. This was horribly over played by the left and the media. 2. Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers were attacked for him saying he hopes “Barack Obama fails”. How awful. 3. Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers were attacked for a statement he made about Sandra Fluke’s stance on contraceptives. Comparatively nothing like Colbert’s rant. He quickly apologized.

But, in Colbert’s case, the left is, at least privately, happy about the attack. The lunatic fringe that riots in the street, cries in their coffee shops, shuts down free speech on campus, and write media copy, are all Colbert’s audience now, and they loved it!

If there is no media bias in this country as the left parrots repeatedly, then why did CBS not politely control this disgusting message?

Simple debating different points of view is not enough, you have to degrade and destroy the opposition in whatever ugly way is necessary to succeed. The end justifies the means. Win at all costs.

It is a sad commentary and one I hope the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans see as a lunatic fringe that they would never want to lead this country. Nazi’s were the lunatic fringe in Germany in the 1920 and 30s. So it is possible for a crazed, but vocal minority to gain power. This group points the Nazi finger at the right, but its the left that acts tyrannical, violent and targets individuals and segments of the population for destruction.

As for Colbert, he and CBS have the right to say these kinds of things. And everyone else has the equal right to like it, or not. Consequences are the natural result of any decision in life. We will see where the chips fall on this one.

Full Colbert 12 minute Monologue = 100% trump hate