Some things are just too obvious …

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from The Gray Area:

Today on CBS – This Morning, Gayle King interviewed Ivanka Trump. Ms. King went after Ms. Trump on conflicts of interest, warring factions within the White House, and being ‘complicit’ with her father.

Each of these questions push the media’s support of the leftist messaging that Trump is just out to make money, the Trump Administration is dysfunctional and Trump is dangerous. And, apparently, that his daughter is part of this ‘organized crime family’. This follows the media effort last week at pushing the message of President Trump as a ‘liar’.

“Complicit’? That is a term designed to send a message of illegality. Of being involved in something very wrong. That suggestion is unsubstantiated and therefore so vicious that it borders on a libelous allegation. At a minimum it is a blatant and obvious political statement. CBS, once again taking its show prep from the radical left, is showing its bias and political leanings to the detriment of its audience.

Would CBS ever ask such a series of questions of Chelsea Clinton? Would they ever ask such a series of questions of Nancy Pelosi? Would they ever ask a series of questions like this of Loretta Lynch? No, of course not.

Why not?

Because they support the political party which is supposed to be for women? Apparently not. If you are Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway or Condoleeza Rice, impressive, articulate, impactful women, you should be getting their support. Instead, they are women to be attacked. Why? Because woman who share their globalist/socialist/Marxist ideology are the only women they support. Others are to be marginalized.

Because there is no reason too? Bulls—! There is a list of reasons for each. The most obvious being Chelsea Clinton. The exact same line of questions could, and some people might say should, be asked of Chelsea Clinton and her association with her parent’s Foundation.

If this line of questioning followed a pattern of journalistic curiosity by CBS of all politicians, then it would be welcomed. But, we all know that kind of professional impartiality in 21st Century politics is non-existent in US media.

These questions are reserved for the political enemy.

Some things are just too obvious ….

By the way, Ivanka handled each of these attack questions brilliantly!

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