Be warned: Green ‘resistance’ protests to begin around Earth Day

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from CFACT,

Radical green groups have organized for extensive resistance to President Trump’s climate agenda.  Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, US Climate Action Network, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Earthjustice, Climate Justice Alliance, Ocean Conservancy, People’s Climate Movement and many, many others are collecting millions of dollars from panicked supporters to be used to be as noisy, nasty and disruptive as possible.

  • A massive “People’s Climate Movement” march is being scheduled for April 29th in our nation’s capital.  Organizers are planning for 400,000 to 500,000 to attend. They further state they have organized “200 actions in 48 locations”. Organizer calls for violence.
  • There is also an Earth Day “March for Science” planned for April 22nd. They expect more than 1 million participants around the globe.
  • A new pro-climate alarm student group, Columbia Against Trump, has started at Columbia University.
  • In addition to the “Deep State” you have seen references to is another group, Deep Green, made up of scientists, media types, and activists hired as bureaucrats during the Obama years.  Their livelihoods depend on the climate gray train that sucks billions from the federal budget.
  • Employees within the EPA are using encrypted text messages to coordinate resistance to Trump policies.
  • The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility is a group of government employees resisting the Trump agenda. A leader from this group has publicly said, “We will resist.  We will resist in whatever way, shape or form that we can.
  • Unverified global temperature data, in violation of rules on scientific integrity, was used in a politically sensationalized 2015 NOAA “Karl study” in the journal Science that was blatantly intended to influence policy agendas favored by the Obama Administration at the 2015 Paris climate conference.

It is hard to believe the intensity of the Green Left’s resistance, or the compliant media’s shrill and frenzied madness.  You have seen the left go berserk since Trump took the oath of office.  A headline on boldly proclaimed that the lesson of Trump’s first weeks in office is “Resistance works: protests, phone calls and mobilization are making a difference“.

These resistance efforts will gather much media attention.  Those who favor reason and sanity in climate policy need to be visible, just like the climate fear mongers and alarmists.The evidence continues to pour in that there is no scientific consensus that the planet is facing  a climate catastrophe.  Climate Depot offers details about the ever-increasing doubt on global warming Doomsday predictions.

  • The computer models the global warming alarmists rely on are based on poor data and false, questionable, or simplistic premises.  They have proven useless at forecasting future climate and weather.
  • Humans, plants and wildlife have survived and even prospered during past warming periods –  and will continue to do so if there actually is any natural warming.
  • Today, the real dangers are laws and policies implemented in a misplaced belief that humans can control or prevent climate change.
  • Misguided policies raise energy costs, kill jobs, impose especially heavy burdens on poor families, and make it hard for impoverished nations to develop and provide affordable energy, create jobs and improve living standards.
  • Climate Hustle, A Global Warming Shakedown, CFACT’s groundbreaking feature film, explains how climate alarmists falsely present data about impending climate catastrophes.
  • A popular bumper sticker screams, “TREES ARE THE ANSWER.”  Why does government refuse to do the one thing that would help our forests and climate? When it comes to managing our national forests, many of those climate alarmists look away, while millions of acres of once healthy trees die, fall down, rot, or burn up. It’s ironic, because those forests provide the world’s greatest resource for cleaning CO2 out of the atmosphere;

Here are just a few climate initiatives we are optimistic about:

The Green propaganda machine is going all out to block the constructive agenda of this new administration and Congress. Don’t keep quiet and watch it happen.  Arm yourself against their ‘alternative facts‘.

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