Obama Picking Fights for Trump Administration to Handle

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from The Gray Area:


The next 3 weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration promise to be a time of unprecedented political maneuvering and power displays. The Democrats in their panic to avoid a Trump presidency, joined by President Obama to try to save his legacy, have begun a scorched earth policy that will most likely continue and possibly even escalate until January 20th, 2017.

Previously the President and the Democrats pursued many actions to disallow the election victory of Donald Trump. They protested (rioted) in the streets, threatened violence, insinuated voter fraud, had the Green Party candidate fund 3 state recounts, attacked the Electoral College, threatened state electors to change their votes, promised a smooth professional executive transition in public only to inhibit same through action and inaction of bureaucrats and staked out political firewalls through the issuance of executive orders and new regulations.

However, the most potentially damaging, so far, are the petty fights President Obama is now picking around the world.

Today President Obama continued his plan to pick fights by imposing sanctions on Russia for supposed computer hacking during the election, forcing Vladimir Putin to say that Russia will consider counter measures. This follows the President’s cheap parting shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel last week. If that were not enough, the insult was continued this week by Secretary of State John Kerry in blistering commentary about Israel and the peace process.

The hypocrisy is deafening.

Remember in 2008 how the left reacted with shock and demonization to the simple statement by Rush Limbaugh that he hoped President Obama “failed” in pursuit of his stated agenda! Republicans did not protest in the streets, there were no nasty recounts, no threats to electors or picking of fights with world leaders. Just an honest statement of disagreement. Wow. How would they, and their media supporters, react if Republicans did what Democrats, and their leaders, are doing now?

Do not expect this pattern of childish, politically motivated behavior to stop or slow down. The next three weeks will most certainly stretch our imagination, and possibly the Constitution, as the outgoing party and President do everything they can think of stop the next President and secure their legacy and political futures.

Is their approach that mature, professional behavior and the best interests of our country be damned vs gaining political ground?

Keep watching ……

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