Special Counsel for Trump Mar-A-Lago & 2020 Election
November 18, 2022, AG Merrick Garland names special counsel, Jack Smith, to oversee Trump Mar-a-Lago, 2020 election probes.

This will do nothing good for the country, again.

from The Gray Area:
Here we go again.

A Democrat president (Obama) leaving office, another one (Biden) maybe leaving office in two years, and Donald Trump who just days ago announced his candidacy possibly coming in, again. What better time for another special prosecutor to distract the Trump campaign, the American people and his possible presidency. He already has at least 5 suits which are active right now targeting him and his businesses. Why do we need another one? 1. Because it worked so well before. Happened in 2016 under Obama With Bob Mueller and ran for 2 years of the Trump presidency, dominating left wing media, distracting the public and resulting in ......NOTHING! 2. 2 new complains, Mar-A-Lago raid and the 2020 Election. Both historic DOJ & congressional overreach to begin with. 3. To fire up the left wing base and the anti-Trump right? 4. To enable the media to provide all day reports on the process of the special counsel. Exactly what happened with Mueller. And, then the obvious curiosity about Garland and special prosecutors.

Speaking of Mueller, remember when that prosecution started? All you could hear about was how Mueller was so well thought of, non-partisan, if anything a Republican, fair minded, and just. What do you hear now about Jack Smith the new special prosecutor? ............DITTO....... More than likely he will staff his prosecutorial staff with 13 Democrat attorneys like Mueller did... a fair process for sure ...... and after at least 2 years, find NOTHING, again! All the investigations, impeachments, etc. against Trump have found nothing. How can any one man be so clean as to have a proctoscopic exam every day and find NOTHING?  But, you have to believe, after all these investigations, they will find something, some time. Trump just scares them to death. The narrative about why they are scared is because he is a 'danger to democracy'. The truth is, he is a threat to their political power, like no one since Reagan! So, here we go again. To everybody, even progressives and Democrats who are obsessed with Trump and applaud the special prosecutor, it is an obvious political maneuver. And, it will not do anything good for the country, again. More From The Washington Post: More From FoxNews:

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