The left-wing activist group ShutDownDC on Friday offered to pay people who messaged them the location of the six conservative Supreme Court justices.

Insurrection? Or, Crybaby Tantrums?

from The Gray Area:
Just a few recent, radical actions by the progressive left that make you wonder is this an insurrection? These all sound familiar don't they. After the Trump election in 2016. After the Gore - Bush election in 2000. After the George Floyd murder in 2020 (oh, sorry, justified protest). After any event the left does not like, they hit the street, initiated by their Democrat leaders and media cohorts. ShutdownDC says it wants these radicals to 'organize' for 'transformative change', to 'Shut Down SCOTUS'. and 'defend democracy'.  We watch while they gaslight what we see happening with out own eyes. Crybaby tantrums won’t win over the public. These nonstop, puerile meltdowns have turned off most Americans who tire of whiny narcissistic hypocrites. More From Daily Signal:

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