USA Truckers Freedom Convoys 2022

Freedom Convoy USA leader has a message, try not to like it!

from The Gray Area:

I supported the Canadian Truckers Convoy and said when they got to Ottawa, they should now stop and go home, otherwise nothing good will come of this. At that point they should continue their successful message through normal political channels. Based on the tyrannical actions of the Canadian government, nothing good is coming from it so far, except the clear message that Canada's days as a free country are numbered.

For the same reasons I support the USA Truckers Convoys now heading to Washington DC targeting arrival March 1st for Biden's State of the Union. After they get to DC, they should stop and go home, continuing their message through the normal political process. not doing so, will give the Biden administration another chance to fail. Giving Biden another chance to fail will serve no positive purpose as he has already been doing that in many areas. Make your point and go home and go to work.

So what is this convoy about? Are they just trying to copy the Canadian convoy and disrupt activity throughout the US? Are they violent right-wing extremists? No, not at all. No matter what the mainstream media says, that is not true and is not the story. It is just political narrative.

Watch the organizer's message below, and try not to like it!

Trucker’s Declaration: “We the People of the United States, in Order to restore our once perfect Union, re-establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense of all, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, do ordain and establish the restoration movement of The People’s Convoy for the United States of America.” WE DEMAND THE DECLARATION OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY CONCERNING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC BE LIFTED IMMEDIATELY AND OUR CHERISHED CONSTITUTION REIGN SUPREME. WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND WE STAND TOGETHER UNDER THE BANNER OF FREEDOM – FREEDOM IS THE ONE THING THAT UNITES US ALL. LIBERTY FLOWS THROUGH ALL OF OUR VEINS. WHO WE ARE: We are truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists. WE ARE, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, married, single, divorced, separated, gay, straight. WE ARE Black, White, Asian, Native American. WE ARE immigrants, natives: WE ARE citizens of the free world. The People's Convoy

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