COVID Variant - Delta

Continual Overreaction for Political Purposes

from The Gray Area:

COVID-19 and the Delta variant are not death sentences. There is no scientific or other reason to have vaccinated people mask up again to protect against the COVID Delta variant.Look at today's New York Times numbers associated with cases in the USA.

That's less than half of 1% (0.0045%) deaths. You are more likely to get struck by lightning.

What about the recovered COVID-19 patients. A newly released study conducted by Emory University suggests recovered COVID-19 patients possess long-term immunity to the respiratory virus months after infection. They seem to be just as protected as the vaccinated. And, when the vaccinated immunity runs out they 'will likely need' a booster. The same applies for the recovered, when their immunity runs out. No real difference.

The most vulnerable, the immuno-compromised and elderly, must take personal responsibility for their own safety as they do with everything else.. No one will do anything to put those people, members of your family, in a position to be exposed to anything that will hurt them. But, for Biden to try to tell the rest of the country 'they are killing people' if they are not vaccinated, is irresponsible and wrong.

Speaking of Biden & his administration, what's going on at the border? 900% increase in COVID cases coming through Biden's open border. But, US Citizens who are vaccinated have to wear masks. Inconsistent is the nicest way to describe this plan.

This continual COVID over-reaction and drama needs to stop. Political motivations are more obvious by the day. Common sense, science and reality need to take over.

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