COVID Variant - Delta

Let's Look At Numbers & The Science

from The Gray Area:

So COVID Delta variant numbers are up 70%, wow! That sounds like a lot. Enough to get Los Angeles to re-invoke their mask mandate. Even for fully vaccinated people!

Well, that goes against the CDC directive on vaccinated people. It also goes against the science so far on the Delta variant. The Delta variant is more transmissible, it is not more serious or deadly, and it only affects younger people because older people have been vaccinated.

Now, lets just think about basic numbers for a second. How much is a 70% increase over, say 5? 8.5. So, 8.5 cases would be alarming at 70%. Not really, you have to put numbers into perspective. Especially when provided by our media present them, in support of political narratives they prefer. The cases are much lower now than anything we have seen in the past year.

Also, when the Biden Administration tells social media companies to come down on vaccine 'mis-information', you have to start being concerned since they are already considering vaccine passports and promoting corporate censorship.

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