2022 Mid Term Elections

Biden obvious midterm shenanigans exposed

from The Gray Area:
Every administration tries to make themselves look good before elections. That is just common sense and SOP. Toot your own horn for maximum positive exposure. But, not in such manipulative, obvious and counterproductive ways as the Biden Administration in 2022. President Biden was active leading up to the midterm elections. Biden asked the Saudi's to delay OPEC+ oil supply cuts for a month into mid-November . Biden also announced another release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) supposedly to help reduce gas prices. Media went silent on the Hunter Biden revelations again, this time after admitting the laptop and its contents were real. And, media announced Biden had negotiated a railroad deal with the union to avoid a strike. Now, 2 weeks after the midterms, what do these items look like. -Everyone already knew about the failed oil stunt by Biden, but not how incompetent he and his team were with regard to OPEC+ intentions. He jeopardized geopolitical relationships on energy for short term political benefit. -The SPR release was equally as obvious. Now we are short if a real emergency  develops with no plans to replenish. -The Hunter Biden story comes to life again. -The railroad strike is back on. Political manipulation you think? Media & Democrat collusion you think?

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