2022 Mid Term Elections

Midterm political stunt #237, but worse

from The Gray Area:
Today President Biden announced the Cancer Moonshot, a government effort to eliminate cancer by 2047. Sounds good, right? But, of course, there is more. While Biden criticizes the supposed fascist authoritarian right, he deftly slips in government control of healthcare on the other hand. Not unusual, particularly regarding healthcare. That has been happening since 2009 with Obamacare and in 2020-2021 with COVID policies. If that wasn't bad enough, he sneaks into the announcement his pharmaceutical price controls. He plans to syphon off money from pharmaceutical companies to the government for redistribution. A basic marxist gimmick for more government control.  By reducing corporate profits of the corporations who invest in finding new life saving solutions & drugs, he will be stopping research and development.

Innovation does not come from government. The moonshot metaphor is a misdirection play. The government used private industry innovation to get to the moon. The government inserted itself for national security reasons to fight the space race with Russia.  This is no national security space race situation. It is purely political and ideological. And, the moonshot cost way too much because the government got involved. Then the government lost interest in the cost and space research ended for 20 years. And, the timing, coming in a long line of midterm election messaging. This has nothing to do with cancer and everything to do with politics. It is probably #237 of 1,000 political messaging efforts, including bills going through Congress, which will continue through November. Obvious, political, government knows best and useless. This will do real damage to medical science. More From MSN:

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