Wuhan Leak Theory

Media Excuses, and Cover Up, Now Begin

from The Gray Area:

According to The Washington Post, here is why it is not their fault that they, and the broader mainstream media, denied that the Wuhan Lab was the source of the Coronavirus outbreak. 1. We couldn't find another story on COVID origins we could sell to the public. 2. Bio-weapon theories combined with the leak theory to confuse the issue. 3. Trump talked bad about China and since we don't like him, we didn't want to believe results from his intelligence people. 4. Some 'scientists' are now changing their minds, so we are too. CNN calls it, 'New information' on Wuhan researchers' illness furthers debate on pandemic origins. Therefore, the Wuhan Leak theory is 'now credible'. Meaning, we can't hide from the evidence any longer.

Naturally, everyone expected this line of defense from our defenseless media. The same media who jump to every anti-Trump conspiracy theory for 4+ years, wants us to believe that they ere just good journalists, patiently waiting for the facts to emerge on this story. Well, the facts have been available all along to any unbiased and curious scientist or journalist. But, we don't have nay of those. Our media stop investigating facts when they get the narrative support they need. Here, they wanted to have a natural event they could blame Trump for during the election cycle. For the Jan 6th riot at the Capitol, they wanted right wing extremists involved, and stop investigating at that point so they can cast Trump as inciting 'insurrection' and his supporters as violent. They stop investigating why black men are supposedly being shot by police at alarming rates, so they can justify riots through the country last summer, instead of reporting on the violence occurring and 'insurrection' evolving in places like Seattle, Portland & Minneapolis.

What next?

There will be a couple of anti-Republican stories coming out in the next week or so to take this media failure off the front pages, and then all will be forgotten. The media always have stories in the funnel to be released at just the right time. That's how we get October surprises during election years. That's how 'children in cages' at the border came up (untrue by the way) when the Russia hoax collapsed.

Stories only continue for weeks and months if the media want them too. They don't want stories that make them look bad to continue in the public eye. This one too will evaporate under the cover of stories they have in the funnel (true or not), and like.

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