Wuhan Leak Theory

Ask yourself this question.

from The Gray Area,

This is the only question you need to ask yourself regarding any news story: How would this be handled by the media if the headline included the name of Donald Trump or any other Republican?

If you ask yourself that question and then honestly evaluate the individual situation, everything becomes clear regarding our media. You cannot trust them!

The Wuhan Leak Theory story is only the latest example. Even now, when many are writing headline about the 'new' credibility of the theory, they still defend Dr. Fauci as their hero of science.

This is what CNN said today: Thousands of emails from and to Dr. Fauci reveal the weight that came with his role as a rare source of frank honesty within the Trump administration's COVID-19 task force.

Even more revealing, not one question on the subject came up from the media in today's White House press briefing. Would a question on this type of issue not arisen in a Trump press conference? Of course it would have. It would have taken over the entire press conference, no matter what the major issue of the day was, a COVID 19 pandemic or world war or anything.

If this was Trump, or Cruz, Ron Johnson, Gov DeSantis, etc, etc, would the media be so firm to come his defense? No! They would be running stories all day long on the treasonous activity of those radical, insurrectionist Republicans. And, those stories would be made up out of whole cloth.

Vary Your News Sources! Its your only way to determine the truth.

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