National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act (H.R. 3233)
This commission has attracted some bi-partisan support. However, the bill is not about keeping the Capitol complex secure. The House will also vote on a $2 billion slush fund that is ostensibly to pay for additional Capitol security. In reality, many of the funds will go toward MRAs (Member Representational Allowances). The allowances can be used on a wide discretion of expenses including staff and office space.

'The 'Ultra-partisan, Democrat, Trump-Haters Club'

from The Gray Area:
If you are old enough, you will remember the 'Little Rascals'. A b&w TV show from the 1950s-60s about a group of little kids during the depression era 1930s. Very funny, always getting into 'trouble', innocent 'trouble', compared to 'trouble' today. One episode was about the 'he-man woman haters club'. Now, as with kids everywhere, this is not because they hate girls, they actually like girls, they just don't yet know what to do with girls as they are mostly 6-10 yr. old boys. Why do I bring up this obscure reference now? Because it came to mind as I was reading and thinking about the Jan 6th commission TV show. Everybody knows what this is about. Everybody knows this is not a bi-partisan, fair committee. Everybody knows this has a pre-determined outcome. Everybody knows there is no pushback or other side to the points being presented. This is all one side, the Democrat side. And, it occurred to me, it is like the 'he-man, woman haters club' of the 'Little Rascals'. It should be called, 'the ultra-partisan, Democrat, Trump-haters, club' - convention". He is in their heads. He controls their every waking hour (not to mention their dreams). They fear him more than anything. And, they don't know what to do about him. But, they can't stop hating him. They have to continue to try to eliminate him from their political lives. What an unhealthy obsession, for them & a potential catastrophic one for the country.

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